What We’re Accepting

We accept consignment daily between 11 am – 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday. NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY. ALWAYS accepting toys, furniture, equipment, books, and games.

Below is a listing of the items we accept. If you have something that is not listed that you feel would be an excellent fit for our children’s consignment shop, please call or stop by with the item!

Before donating or throwing things away check with us first. Message us on FB or
Call us or text me: 610-398-7187 (Store) | 610-442-1390 (Angie)

Consignment Shop 1


All clothing MUST be freshly washed no more than 2 days before consigning. Clothing should be laid flat and wrinkle free.
Consignment Shop 2


Consignment Shop 3

Shoes & Boots

Consignment Shop 4


Batteries included (please)
Consignment Shop 5

Sports Stuff

Consignment Shop 6

Dance & Costumes

Consignment Shop 7

Baby Gear

Batteries included (please)
Consignment Shop 8

Nursery Furniture